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Lena works as a journalist for the community magazine ‘Tomorrow’ in the Algarve. For many years she has written the main features about people living and working in the region. She has spent much time listening to people in the towns and villages in the Algarve, telling their stories as well as unravelling histories behind abandoned houses and historic places. These have been collated into two books available both in English and Portuguese.


The books are veritable treasure troves of stories, capturing the essence of the Algarve.

P.D. Cain is a man of many talents. Known as Captain Peter, he skippered boats in the summer and doing weather forecasting for the local radio station Kiss Fm. His writing career began in the 1980s in the form of TV scripts and poetry and has now evolved into video animation.


His publications to date include a range of animal poetry books for children and a science fiction book for adults.  Recently, he has also produced a number of activity books for both children and adults.

Peter’s autobiography is an epic tale of a lad born into poverty in war-torn northern Italy who harbours big dreams. His ambition is to serve and to do so in prestigious restaurants around the world. His inspirational tale shows how you can succeed against all the odds.


Peter, who now is settled for good in the Algarve, is also a public speaker and consultant in the hospitality sector.

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